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DHCP and Default routes

I have a 2610 with a 4E connected to a cable modem. I successfully have it connected using DHCP to acquire an IP number. I had to put a static route pointing to the default gateway that the cable compny supplies as pointing to the interface showed just I have to reapply the static route after the lease times out and then it is happy. I can see the lease infor includes

Temp default-gateway addr:

So is there a command I am missing to get the router to accept the default gateway as gateway of last resort? I am running Version 12.2(8)T4. I am hoping to use this as my gateway for my home terst network. Thanks in advance for any help.


Re: DHCP and Default routes

Please refer to:

Try using " ip route ethernet x", where ether x is the interface connected to the cable modem (I am assuming the cable modem is in bridging mode)

Thanks, Mak.

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Re: DHCP and Default routes

I have tried that configuration but then I can't get out. The only config that works is pointing at the default gateway from the lease . I see "Gateway of last resort is to network" otherwise. How does the gateway info get pointed at the ethernet interface? I have this under show ip interface brief,"Ethernet1/3 AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD YES DHCP up up" I took out the real IP number but it is there.

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