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DHCP on cat 4006 and cat 6513

I recently installed a campus with 2 cat 4006 and 2 cat 6513 - all with native IOS - I have L3 configured between all the switch links - I have 29 vlans configured on each switch - I have DHCP server configured on the 2 4006's - I need to know what are the limits for DHCP - how many pools I can create , what is the CPU on the 4006 - what issues there are with DHCP on the cat 4006 (although there are 29 vlans on the 4006 , there are only 300 users on each switch). I did not configure on the 6513's - reason is that there are +-4000 users on the cat 6513 switches. What is the maximum number of users that we can connect on the 4006 and 6513

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Re: DHCP on cat 4006 and cat 6513

According to this doc the maximum possible number of users on 4006 is 240 and 6513 is 576, are you using shared media??

Depending upon the supervisor enginee you are using the CPU will differ

Cisco Catalyst Supervisor Engine III

CPU: 300 MHz

Cisco Catalyst Supervisor Engine II

CPU: 150 MHz

Can any one shed some light on the maximum possible DHCP pools??

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