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i have configured dhcp server on 2950, it works fine, when i assign a static IP for a particular mac-address, it works in linux OS, but does assign for windows 2000 professional, why is that so? i tried the same NIC with linux it works but not with windows 2000 even tried changing the NIC as well the PC, but didn't work for win2k


Re: DHCP question

Hi there,

This is because Windows and Linux behaves differently when asking for a DHCP IP-address.

Linux will use a simple request without supplying any Client ID.

Windows will use the Client ID field in the DHCP request, which is filled by default with the MAC-address prepended with a "01" for some reason.

So if the MAC-address of your card is "dead.dead.beef", your windows-installation will send a client-id of "01de.adde.adbe.ef" which is the client-id you'll have to specify in your static assignments (use the "client-identifier", not "hardware-address" field).

The problem is really that the IOS DHCP server doesn't give the option to ignore the Client ID.. If it's there, it will use it and instead ignor the hardware-address... which should be a configurable choice if you ask me.. like it is in the Network Registrar...

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Re: DHCP question

Hi Johan,

Thanks a lot, it worked out, thanks a lot


Re: DHCP question

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