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Dhcp, Vlans and no address pool

I have a Cat 5000 with a WS-X5302-RSM and a SupIII 5530. I have vlans configured and working correctly? I can get to other machines on the other vlans and they can get out to the internet. I setup dhcp on the router card. I can get a dhcp IP on only vlan 1. I enabled debugging.

core-router#sh debugging

DHCP server packet debugging is on.

DHCP server event debugging is on.

When looking at the logs I can see the machines in vlan 1 get an IP and on vlan 30 they don't! The logs report this.

00:03:22: DHCPD: DHCPDISCOVER received from client 0100.1422.451b.23 on interface Vlan30.

00:03:22: DHCPD: there is no address pool for

I believe I have everything correct since vlan 1 gets IP's.

attached are the configs for the router card and the Sup card.

Any Idea's? I have also tried with the ip helper-address even though it is not in the config now.

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Re: Dhcp, Vlans and no address pool

Don't know if this helps or not but,

"sh ip dhcp import" displays this

core-router#sh ip dhcp import

Address Pool Name: vlan30_Desktop

Address Pool Name: vlan40_GAM

Address Pool Name: vlan50_VPN

Address Pool Name: vlan60_QA

Address Pool Name: vlan70_VOIP

Address Pool Name: vlan1_Default

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Re: Dhcp, Vlans and no address pool

Oh I am a moron! I just saw this in the vlan 1 ip dhcp pool that is not in the others!


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