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Diagnosing mechanical problem on 2501

I just bought a could of used 2501's knowing one was bad but not knowing HOW it was bad.

Upon turning on the power, with a console connection open I get NOTHING.

The power supply works well enough to run the fan, but I don't know if it works well enough to run the main board. For that matter, the board may be bad.

I would LIKE to repair this router and use it, but obviously some repairs may not be cost effective when I can get used 2501's for only a few hundred dollars.

Here's the question:

Are there any tests I can do, perhaps with a voltage meter, that would help me narrow down the problem so that I can determine if I am better off repairing it or just consigning it to the parts bin?

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Re: Diagnosing mechanical problem on 2501

If you are absolutaly certain the router is faulty, your symptoms warrant trying different baud rates on the console ?

Do you get an OK light on the router ?

Try connecting to a switch and see if you get CDP info ?

If you look at the main board you can see not too much is replaceable. If you have a working 2500, move the RAM, Flash and power supply into the faulty router and see if it works ?

You may be able to isolate the faulty component and if you choose not to repair it, you can use the rest as spares ?

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