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Dial Backup and connect speeds

I am trying to configure dial backup and as soon as I change the speed to higher then 19200 my modems will not dialer or not connect.

I have tried changing the modem configuration and line speed in the router with no success.

I am using two US Robotics 56K modems.

Thanks, Ryan


Re: Dial Backup and connect speeds

According to the configs at it's supposed to be 9600. I think that's just the line speed but the modem should connect at higher bps.


Re: Dial Backup and connect speeds

This is a common problem if the interface and the modem are not both configured to use the same handshake mode (use hardware handshake, also known as RTS/CTS handshake, if you can). It can also occur if hardware handshake is correctly configured but the RS-232 cable connecting the two is missing the required wires. Note that on the modem this must be stored in the default configuration so that it is always working even when the router resets the modem. Also keep in mind if using older hardware that some platforms have a maximum data rate of 38400bps on the auxiliary port.

Good luck and good hunting!

Vincent C Jones

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