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Dial backup for DSL

I have a client that uses DSL to connect to the Internet and then tunnels in through a PIX. The DSL goes down too much. He wants me to configure a dial backup for this connection. I have the hardware in place. My problem is that he uses an ethernet port to connect to a DSL modem, thus the ethernet link does not go down when the DSL goes down. Anyone have any ideas on how I can accomplish this?

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Re: Dial backup for DSL

Unfortunately IOS has no good way of doing this without some sort of routing protocol or something like that. There is a feature request for the fix to your problem. If you are interested have your account team/sales people push for CSCds88143 to be put in IOS.


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Re: Dial backup for DSL

Dear sir,

I also have similar type of problem,I require ISDN backup for DSL.We have 2621 router with one BRI port,two-10/100 ethernet,one dsl 677 Router. Am connecting dsl ethernet port to one ethernet port of 2621.other ethernet port of 2621 to internal network,BRI for Backup

How this configuration can be done

1. What i require for this, DSL should advertise default route to that i can redistribute default route through dynamic routing protocol.Now i will create one default with higher administratavive distance to iSDN BRI. so when dsl path is up,Dfault to ISDN will not be in routing table.when dsl is down the route to BRI will be up. But i dont know ,How will the dsl will snd default ,because Administration of dsl is in Service provider hand.

What is the solution for this

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