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Dial order in rotary group

We're using the following dialer and have 4 BRIs in a rotary group.

Every time the dialer tries to set up a new channel, it starts with the first dialer map entry, finds that the line is busy, waits for 30 sec and tries the next number. This process is repeated until it finds an available channel.

It has trouble setting up the 7th and 8th channels, the channel is set up but is idle for 20 sec, then disconnected quoting "normal call clearing". (20 sec is the fast-idle-timeout.)

Any obvious mistakes ?

interface Dialer1

ip address

encapsulation ppp

no ip route-cache

no ip split-horizon

no ip mroute-cache

load-interval 30

dialer in-band

dialer idle-timeout 1800

dialer map ip name marie138 2002

dialer map ip name marie138 2003

dialer map ip name marie138 2004

dialer map ip name marie138 2005

dialer load-threshold 25 either

dialer-group 1

Cisco Employee

Re: Dial order in rotary group

Now since you have idle-timeout configured for 1800 secs, a channel should stay connected for atleast 30 mins..But not sure why "ppp multilink" is not configured which you need it under all the bri interfaces and dialer interface too. With that receiving router will bind all the calls to the same bundle on the receiving side..

Now in order to know why the channel is getting disconnected, we need to know following debug for a call getting disconnected early..

debug dialer

debug ppp nego

debug ppp authentication

debug isdn q931

term mon

Also full running config will help..

For more information on "fast idle timer" pl. refer to following url

New Member

Re: Dial order in rotary group


Thanks for your reply. As you have pointed out some of the config was missing in the question. "ppp multilink" was configured.

Using dialer redial interva 5 attempts 3 and setting the wait-for-carrier-time to a low value seems to have sorted this problem.

I do have another question, though. We have four ISDN lines, using all 8 B-channels for data. The first channel to be set up is BRI 1/3:2, followed by BRI 1/3:1, BRI 1/2:2, BRI 1/2:1 and so on until all 8 are set up if the load is large enough.

I find that if a line is down but not shut down, for instance physically disconnected, the router keeps trying to connect using that line.

I would like the router to skip this interface and go to the next one, but can't seem to find the right command to do that. Grateful for any hints.

Hans Petter Helsor

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