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Dial-out on the leased-line

Have a problem - here's the scenario.

The customer has 2600 box with 8-modem card installed. IOS 12.1.5 (with support of the leased line modem config). 7 modems configured as dial-in/dial-out pool and work fine - they can dial-in to access internal network and dial-out using Cisco dialout utility.

The eights modem connected to the analog leased line, configured with the proper modemcap line and that modem is not the part of the rotary group.

I found that as long as that modem configured for leased-line mode, it no more accessible by Cisco dial-out utility and I no more can access it by telnetting to the 2040 port.

Is this normal?

They need to access that leased line with some Windows based program (kind of terminal emulation) without dialing a number.

Will be more than happy to get some advice.

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Re: Dial-out on the leased-line

You need 12.1.5.T and above for "leased-line" support. (which you may have it) Pl. make sure that you have correct config according to url

You will not be able to access that modem using "dialout-utility" as that modem is not the part of "rotary".BUT you should be able to reverse-telnet to the modem. By the way what does " sh line xx" says for that modem?..Thx..Tejal

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Re: Dial-out on the leased-line

Yes - I have 12.1.10T and it has LL support.

I don't plan to access this modem as a part of the rotary. This modem is to be accessed by specifying addr:port.

BTW - this works just fine with Cisco dial-out utility on other (non LL-mode modems). And yes - they are NOT part of any rotary group.

I'm using that without any problem.

The main question was - why as soon as I enable LL operation on that line (by the proper modemcap entry as described in dtlealin.htm document), immediately after that any attempt to telnet to the modem line 8 using 2600_ipaddr:2040 fails. The 2600 box starts refusing any connections.

Looks like when the modem in LL mode, it no more can be accessed by reverse telnet.

Really confusing.....

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Re: Dial-out on the leased-line

We really need to see the condition of line.."sh line 40" will help us to determine what are the signals router is seeing on line.If you see * in front of line 40 then it means its busy..and will not allow the connection...Thx..Tejal

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Re: Dial-out on the leased-line


I dont think that you are able to access the modem on a leased line since there is no AT command set available/at all in leased line mode. As you know (or at least from what I know, correct me please if wrong) when leased line is configured there is no dialing. Leased line is just copper dry wire between two points and needs leased line modems to achieve communication. Unless you consider two modems dialing one into the other and staying connected for long time as leased line.

Hope this helps and please correct me if I'm wrong


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