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dial please!!!!


i am very interisted in remote access, so i 'd like to start by a simple think.

i have a router 2620 cisco, and us robotics 56k modem,

my DREAM is to listen to it dialing, just dialing a number via pstn,

please, can anyone send me confuguration just to hear my modem dialing?

thank you so much.


Re: dial please!!!!

You can connect the usr modem to the Aux port of the 2620 or any NM or WIC with either async or sync/async interface.

Can dialin or dialout of the 2620 using the below configs:

Actually there are other simpler ways for just hearing the modem tones...I guess the above will help further.

Thanks, Mak.

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Re: dial please!!!!

Dear Ouartil ,

Above document gives step by step instruction to connect modem on aux port

and to dial in .

Basically you need following command on aux port

router(config)# line aux 0

router(config-line)#modem inout

router(config-line)#transport input all

router(config-line)#flowcontrol hardware


Also if you want you can put

router(config-line)# txspeed 9600

router(config-line)#rxspeed 9600


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Re: dial please!!!!


thank you so much for your answers, but i used to think thant i should use the serial port and not the aux port,

can i use the serial instead of the aux port?



Re: dial please!!!!

You can use the serial port if it supports ASYNC. Check your WICs or NM.

For WICs, you should have a WIC-2A/S. For NMs, NM-4A/S and NM-8A/S

support ASYNC/SYNC. Also, NM-16A and NM-32A supports ASYNC only but

these modules require a different cable. If you do not how to check for the

module or WIC that you have, you can take a look at the back of the router.

I think there's a label on the upper left or right of the NM or WIC. 'show diag'

command can also help.

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Re: dial please!!!!

You can connect a modem to serial port only if that serial port is SYNC/ASYNC. So fastest way to check that is enter "physical layer async" command udner that serial port. If that command is accepted, then you can connect modem to that port with approoriate cable.

visit following link for that

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