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Dialer Map

Ihave a 2501 router. I have configured a Dialer interface and associated dial group but when I configure a dialer map I get a message saying ' a dialer must be selected first'.

Any Ideas

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Re: Dialer Map

A "dialer group" defines what traffic is interesting for the purposes of DDR. A "dialer interface" is a logical interface that is applied to a physical interface on a per-call basis. The physical and dialer interfaces come together at a "dialer pool." Do you have all of those components?

Also, most examples use the 'dialer remote-name' and 'dialer string' combination but I think a 'dialer map' is also supported by dialer interfaces.

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Re: Dialer Map

Since it's dialer maps, or so the subject says, "dialer rotary-group X" is probably needed. For whatever dialerX interface you configured put the rotary-group X under your physical interface.

If that doesn't work send the config minus password/IPs and we can tell you what is wrong.


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Re: Dialer Map


I guess I didn't read the title or the body closely enough. I am really accustomed to seeing 'dialer-map' where neither rotary-groups nor dialer-pools are used (i.e. directly under a BRI or something). I also seem to recall that the major difference between rotary-groups and dialer-pools has to do with map-classes - not dialer-maps. They otherwise are pretty similar.

I guess what I'm asking is, what would be the utility of dialer-map outside of a physical interface (as opposed to the 'remote-name' and 'dialer-string' combination)? Is there any real difference other than historical? I guess that multiple dialer-maps are allowed per interface whereas only one dialer-string command is. But dialer-profiles are one dialer interface per destination so I can't see why that would be of any use.



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Re: Dialer Map

And now I see that you can indeed use multiple dialer-string commands per interface (some of the older config examples stated this couldn't be done). It did dawn on me that you can use different chat and login scripts with dialer-maps. But I'm still a little unclear as to the benefit. Again, it seems that profiles are supposed to be one per destination so I can't see that the chat or the login script would be much different just because the first number was busy. But then, I can't see much at this late hour.

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