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Dialer wait-for-line-protocol

I am having a problem where my ISP disconnects me after 96 seconds. PPP is being authenticated. Ideally I want this to be recorded as a failure and limit the amount of redials using dialer redial interval.

In doco says "The dialer wait-for-line-protocol command can be used to configure a router to wait a specific amount of time for a line protocol to come up once a physical layer connection has been established. If the call is dropped before the timer has elapsed, the call will be considered a failure"

So if I set :

dialer wait-for-line-protocol 100

Will this result in a failure? Or success as PPP is being authenticated?


Re: Dialer wait-for-line-protocol

At what stage does the call fail? During IPCP or do we see a completion of IPCP & then the call gets disconnected?

IOS considers a call successful if it connects at the physical layer, however Redial Enhancements feature allows the router to be configured to wait a specific amount of time for a line protocol to come up before considering a dial-out attempt if we do not get the line protocol UP at the end of the timer, the call will be considered as a failure & the redial feature will be used (as configured).

NOTE: Line protocol will be UP on succesful completion of IPCP (route installed).

Thanks, Mak.


Re: Dialer wait-for-line-protocol

Assuming 96 seconds is generally good enough time to negotiate all the way through IPCP and forwarding to installing route, which means your LP does come up, so this *may* mean that all you have is successes, no failures (with wait-for-line-protocol set to 100). Anyway, debug dialer, debug ppp nego, debug ppp chap with "service timestamps debug datetime msec" will make it make more sense towards some realistic conclusions.


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