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dialer watch initiated backup on reload

I have a hub and spoke frame relay network w/ summarized eigrp routes at remote sites. dialer watch initiated async backup via aux port works great except when router is reloaded and serial int is not up i.e. the watched route does not exist at reset so dialer watch does not see it go away. Any suggestions?

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Re: dialer watch initiated backup on reload

are you using "dialer watch-list "number" delay" command?

Try setting the delay with the connect option.

Remember it make take a few seconds for the frame LMI to come back and setup your PVC, then your Route Protocol needs to converge. By this time your aux has made the call. Perhaps your network is reconverging too fast ?

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Re: dialer watch initiated backup on reload

I will try the delay/connect command.

- note that the problem I am trying to solve is slightly different from what you described - when a router is in dialer-watch initiated backup (the primary is down) and the router is reloaded, the router does not dial out when the router comes back up (dialer watch does not initiate the call). An example: a router in dial-backup; a power outage occurs; the router is now isolated - it does not dial out.

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Re: dialer watch initiated backup on reload


The "dialer watch-list delay route-check inital xx" cmd does the trick. For whatever reason, dialer-watch will not initiate connection after a reload without it. One issue/shortcoming remains. It appears that if the dialer-watch dial after a router reload does not complete, the router does not continue to try to connect..hmm - I'll live with it.

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