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New Member

Dialout with authentication

Dear Experts,

I'm trying to setup the Dialout with user authentication but unfortunately, I can't. Here is the error or a deb modem, can you help ?

.Jul 14 07:32:01.061 UTC: TTY34: asserting DTR

.Jul 14 07:32:01.061 UTC: TTY34: set timer type 10, 300 seconds

.Jul 14 07:32:03.309 UTC: TTY34: no timer type 2 to destroy

.Jul 14 07:32:03.309 UTC: TTY34: Line reset by "TTY Daemon"

.Jul 14 07:32:03.309 UTC: TTY34: Modem: (unknown)->HANGUP

.Jul 14 07:32:03.309 UTC: TTY34: no timer type 0 to destroy

.Jul 14 07:32:03.309 UTC: TTY34: no timer type 1 to destroy

.Jul 14 07:32:03.309 UTC: TTY34: no timer type 3 to destroy

.Jul 14 07:32:03.309 UTC: TTY34: no timer type 4 to destroy

.Jul 14 07:32:03.309 UTC: TTY34: no timer type 2 to destroy

.Jul 14 07:32:04.089 UTC: TTY34: dropping DTR, hanging up

.Jul 14 07:32:04.089 UTC: tty34: Modem: HANGUP->IDLE

.Jul 14 07:32:09.097 UTC: TTY34: restoring DTR

.Jul 14 07:32:10.097 UTC: TTY34: autoconfigure probe started

.Jul 14 07:32:10.689 UTC: %TTY-3-AUTOCONFIG: TTY34: Modem auto-configuration failed

I tried using AAA with local username and password but does not work. if use with AAA but authentication none then it works. Scaled down to no AAA but with line password does not work either.

Here is my config:

line 33 44

exec-timeout 0 30

timeout login response 300

password 7 00141215174C04140B701E1D


modem DTR-active

modem autoconfigure type mica1

rotary 1

autocommand exit

transport preferred none

transport input telnet

escape-character NONE

databits 7

parity even

stopbits 1

flowcontrol hardware

The router is C3640 with E1 and 10 Digital modems. IOS is 12.2(2)T1

Much thanks

Justin Vo

New Member

Re: Dialout with authentication

I have resolved this issue. It's basically require me to authenticate prior to initiate the dialout. I used the Dialout/Ezy software from Tactical software to solve this problem.

Now come to a new problem, I need to find out who's using the modem, for how long and the dialout number. Does anyone know how to get this ?

From the radius acccounting records, I can get who's using and the duration of the call but I'm unable to get the dialout number.

Is there something I missed in the radius server (Steel-belted Radius) or the router ? On the terminal, the syslog can tell me the dialout number but how do i map that to a particular user or IP address ?

Here is an example on the telnet session or my syslog server

Jul 15 21:21:58: %ISDN-6-DISCONNECT: Interface Serial2/0:9 disconnected from XXXX0023 , call lasted 154 seconds

All I need is just something to map to a user or IP.

Can you help ?

Kind regards,

Justin Vo

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