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Differnece between 3550-12G and 3550-12T

I understand the onvious that the interfaces are different. To give a little background I am in the process of creating a LAN for 200-250 nodes. This is housed in 2 buildings connected by fibre that is switched to ethernet before it hits the cisco switches. I would like to have a 3550-12G at each location with 8 2950G 48 port switches located on each floor with 3 in the server room. Each of the switches would then be connected via a GBIC to the 3550. Can I not use the 3550-12T because the 2950G use GBIC's? If not can i use the 3550-12T? Also does everything else seem ok with this design? I havent worked with vlans / L3 routing other than test in the past so this will be a big learning experience for me. I am also hoping that the Fibre converter connecting the 2 buildings doesnt make issue with the cisco equiptment.




Re: Differnece between 3550-12G and 3550-12T

3550-12G and 3550-12T has 12 ports can run at 1Gbps.

The key difference is 3550-12G has 10 Gigabit ports (1000BaseX) running fiber gbics, and two gigabit ports running copper (1000BaseT on board). While the 3550-12T has 10 Gigabit ports running copper (1000BaseT on board) and two gigabit ports running fiber gbics(1000BaseX).

Both switches have a 24Gbps backplane and can run EMI software to do layer 3 routing.

Whether to use 12G or 12T depends on what GBICS you are planning to use on the access layer 2950 switches, as well as distance between the access (2950) and distribution (3550) switches. Note the gigabit over copper can run no more than 100m (328ft).

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Re: Differnece between 3550-12G and 3550-12T

I think they Key difference between 3550-12G and 3550-12T is

3550-12G---10 GBIC ports + 2 * 10/100/1000T ports

3550-12T---10 * 10/10/100 ports + 2GBIC ports

In both the cases GBIC ports Support (GIGA Stack, 1000T and 1000 LX/SX/ZX ) GBIC modules

for building to building you can use fiber, and withing bulding you can use coper.

So I would suggest to go for 3550-12T

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Re: Differnece between 3550-12G and 3550-12T

Further to earlier posting,

Since 3550-12T gives 10* 10/100/1000T inbuilt , you do not have to purchase GBIC modules seperately for Uplink from 3550 to 2900s within the building.

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