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differnet vlan same subnet

i have a cisco switch,i create two vlans,vlan1 and vlan2

now i connect PC A to vlan1,PC B to vlan2

i know PC A and PC B must be in different subnets.

but if PC A and PC B in same subnet,what will occur? and if i ping from PC A to PC B ,can they reacheable?

another question:

i create two pvlans in switch,one pvid is 1,and one pvid is 2

now i connect PC A to pvlan 1,PC B to pvlan 2,

i think PC A and PC B can be in same subnet,and PC A can not access PC B

am i right?

Cisco Employee

Re: differnet vlan same subnet

For your first question, answer is no unless if you have a router to route/bridge vlans.

For your second question, if you are planning to have layer isolation between PC A and PC B, you do not have to create 2 PVLANs. Just create one main PVLAN and have the ports connecting to PC A and PC B in a isolated VLAN

By the way what switch do you have?

Community Member

Re: differnet vlan same subnet

so PCs in different Vlans can be in same subent?

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