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Disable Bridge Assurance breaks the vPC on NEXUS 5500?

I`m trying to figure out a way to disable Bridge Assurance "spanning-tree port type normal" withowt breaking the vPC connection between two datacentres.

Considering the diagram attached, I`m hoping to configure vPC 10 without any disruption.


I was thinking on the following procedure:

  1. "shutdown" switchports for vPC 10 (on the left link)
  2. configure switches on the left of both domains with "spanning-tree port type normal"
  3. "no shutdown" switchports for vPC 10 (at this point one link will have BA enabled and the other will have BA this a problem??)
  4. repeat process on the other 2 switches


I realy need to be sure of a non-disruptive way to do this because, if vPC 10 breaks both firewall will be active at the same time and that`s not going to be pretty :)

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