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Disable Dynamic Address Learning?

Is it possible to disable the dynamic address learning of our Catalyst 3500 XL switch? We would like to set up only static forwarding and do not want the switch to learn the destination MAC address of any received frame.

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Re: Disable Dynamic Address Learning?

If you disable learning then a switch must flood the frame to all ports in the vlan. Is that your intention? What are you trying to accomplish by disabling learning? Please remember that ethernet is a shared media by its very definition.

You may want to look at these commands

port security

mac-address-table secure

at this page.


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Re: Disable Dynamic Address Learning?

You can set it to 10 seconds or just add a static entry.


mac-address-table aging-time

Use the mac-address-table aging-time global configuration command to set the length of time that a dynamic entry remains in the MAC address table after the entry is used or updated. Use the no form of this command to use the default aging-time interval. The aging time applies to all VLANs.

mac-address-table aging-time age

no mac-address-table aging-time

Syntax Description age

Number from 10 to 1000000 (seconds).


The default is 300 seconds.


mac-address-table static

Use the mac-address-table static global configuration command to add static addresses to the MAC address table. Use the no form of this command to remove static entries from the MAC address table.

mac-address-table static hw-addr in-port out-port-list [atm slot/port] [vlan vlan-id]

no mac-address-table static hw-addr [in-port in-port] [out-port-list out-port-list] [vlan vlan-id]

Syntax Description hw-addr

MAC address to add to the address table.


Input port from which packets received with a destination address of hw-addr are forwarded to the list of ports in the out-port-list. The in-port must belong to the same VLAN as all the ports in the out-port-list


List of ports to which packets received on ports in in-port are forwarded. All ports in the list must belong to the same VLAN.

atm slot/port

(Optional) Add static addresses to ATM module in slot 1 or 2. The port is always 0 for an ATM interface.

vlan vlan-id

(Optional) The interface and vlan parameters together specify a destination to which packets destined for the specified MAC address are forwarded.

The vlan keyword is optional if all the ports specified by in-port and out-port-list are static-access VLAN ports. The VLAN assigned to the ports is assumed. This keyword is required for multi-VLAN and trunk ports.

Dynamic-access ports cannot be included in static addresses as either the source (inport) or destination (outport).

The vlan keyword is required on trunk ports to specify to which VLAN the static address is assigned.

The vlan-id is the ID of the VLAN to which static address entries are forwarded. Valid IDs are 1 to 1005; do not enter leading zeroes.

Command Modes

Global configuration

Command History Release Modification


This command was first introduced.


The vlan keyword was added.


The atm keyword was added.

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