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discovering msfc2 card with snmp


we have a cat6506 hybrid with MSFC2 card.

the ios running in the MSFC2 is : c6msfc2-psv-mz.121-13.E.bin.

there r many VLANs in the router and snmp is configured

snmp-server community ****** RW

snmp-server community ****** RO

cww6 is installed in a station connected to VLAN1 (win2000server)

i can ping VLAN1 and all other VLANs from the NMS.

the prob is that cww6 can not discover any ip address of any VLAN created in the MSFC2. however it detects int VLAN1 as a workstation. is this normal?

Rq: the cat6506 is dicovered by the ip address of the switching part (this ip address belongs to VLAN1)

thx for any help


Re: discovering msfc2 card with snmp

MSFC is the routing module in the switch. I am just wondering what VLANs you created on the MSFC. If MSFC is routing packets between VLANs, then it will have one logical interface in each VLAN and each logical interface will have an IP address belonging to that VLANs subnet. So you will have only one IP address for VLAN 1. So it is not clear to me what you are trying to discover.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

New Member

Re: discovering msfc2 card with snmp


when i can discover devices belonging to the same VLAN to wich belongs the Cat6506. now if i want to discover other devices belonging to the others VLANs, then normally i should enter the IP address of the root (IP address of the new VLAN) and give the communities of this root. cww can't find the root (VLAN) with SNMP.

so should i only use icmp to discover devices belonging to other VLANs?

i hope u understand what i mean


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