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dlsw remote-peer cost


i've read everywhere that you can use the "cost" option on dlsw commands to force routers to prefer on peer over another.also i read that if i use the "cost" option on a "dlsw remote-peer" command it'll overwrite any cost sent by that remote peer during capabilities exchange.

now i tried this in a controlled environment and here's the results:

a)if i use the "cost" option on a "dlsw local-peer" command on router A, router B would get the proper cost value (via the capabilities exchange).

b)if i add the "cost" option with a different value in router B's "dlsw remote-peer" command, the cost does not get overwritten.

c)if i don't use the "cost" option on the "dlsw local-peer" command on router A AND use the "cost" option on the "dlsw remote-peer" command on router B, i still get the default cost value of 2.

my conclusion is:

cost works if i apply it using "dlsw local-peer"

it doesn't work when using "dlsw remote-peer".

i'm running 12.0(19). anyone seen this? any comments?

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Re: dlsw remote-peer cost


I got the same situation with you. and I tried on 12.1 and 12.2. The cost in "dlsw remote-peer" doesn't work!

One thing I notice is the default value is 3 instead of 2. I checked the cisco document,it says no default value!

Anyone got any idea??

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