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DLSw traps question


I'vo got following problem with DLSw monitoring:

There are 2 Cisco 7507 (IOS 12.1(16)) routers acting as local DLSw peers. There are several dozens of remote (customer) Cisco routers connecting

via DLSw to local routers. Status of DLSw transport connections and DLSw circuits is monitored by SNMP NMS.

NMS receives from both local routers SNMP traps (regarding DLSw

events) with following enterprise ID: (adequatly with Generic ID: 1 and 2).

These traps are defined in CISCO-DLSW-EXT-MIB-V1SMI MIB (already compiled in NMS). Unfortunately these traps doesn't contain information about remote DLSw router IP address (that we lost/recovered

connection with)and doesn't contain inoformation about MAC-address of remote DLSw circuit end. This makes information contained in these traps not very useful (to be honest these do contain this information but as a part variable OID, not as variable value).

But there exist another DLSw MIBs: DLSW-MIB-V1SM and CISCO-DLSW-MIB-V1SM (second one is Cisco version of first one).

These contains identical traps definitions with following Enterprise ID:



These traps with generic ID from 3 to 6 should be issued on identical events as described above (connection/disconnection of transport connection or circuit). However, these traps contain (as variable value!!!)important information: IP address (or MAC address) of remote part of the connection). Therefore these traps are _much_more_valuable than traps descibed previosly.

In both routers configuratins there exists following line:

snmp-server enable traps dlsw

Please advise me: what action should I take at IOS to receive traps defined in CISCO-DLSW-MIB-V1SMI MIB or DLSW-MIB-V1SM instead of traps defined in CISCO-DLSW-EXT-MIB-V1SMI MIB?

As far as I know all described above MIBs are supported by IOS 12.1.

Please note that there was question asked on this forum about DLSw managment:

and answer provided by RIZWAN MUSHTAQ was describing traps from CISCO-DLSW-MIB-V1SMI. So I believe there is a way to receive these traps.


Bartlomiej Grenda


Re: DLSw traps question

In order to receive the CISCO-DLSW-MIB-V1SMI traps, your Cisco IOS Software Release must support this MIB.

To find out which MIBs are supported on your Cisco device, you can refer the following link.

The MIB must be loaded into your NMS.To know more about how to compile MIBs for your platform, see your Network Management System (for instance, HP OpenView or NetView) user guide how to compile MIBs for your platform.

Additionally, a device does not send a trap to a network management system unless it is configured to do so. A device must know that it should send a trap.

The trap destination is usually defined by an IP address, but can be a host name if the device is set up to query a Domain Name System (DNS) server.

In later versions of Cisco IOS software, device administrators can choose which traps they would like send.

For information on how to configure a Cisco device for SNMP, and how to send traps, refer the following document:

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