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New Member

DMVPN 3G Backup Cellular Interface Showing Down/Down


Branch office with MPLS T1 for primary circuit with 3G Cellular failover using DMVPN back to the corporate office. 


Randomly seeing our branch offices cellular interfaces going into a down/down status and the only way to recover them is to perform a "test reboot" to reload the cellular cards. 

Syslog messages:

Jul 16 16:58:58.251 CDT: %LINK-5-CHANGED: Interface Cellular0/3/0, changed state to reset
Jul 16 16:58:58.251 CDT: %DIALER-6-UNBIND: Interface Ce0/3/0 unbound from profile Di1
Jul 16 16:58:58.255 CDT: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface Cellular0/3/0, changed state to down
Jul 16 16:59:03.251 CDT: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface Cellular0/3/0, changed state to down

Show Dialer Output:


Ce0/3/0 - dialer type = IN-BAND ASYNC NO-PARITY

Dialer pool 1, priority 0

Idle timer (120 secs), Fast idle timer (20 secs)

Wait for carrier (30 secs), Re-enable (15 secs)

Dialer state is enabling

Dial reason: Persistent Dialer Profile

Time until interface enabled 12 secs


Di1 - dialer type = DIALER PROFILE

Idle timer (never), Fast idle timer (20 secs)

Wait for carrier (30 secs), Re-enable (15 secs)

Dialer state is call pending

Number of active calls = 0


Dial String      Successes   Failures    Last DNIS   Last status

datalink                 1        144    00:01:02           failed   Default


<hostname omitted>#show cell 0/3/0 conn

Phone number of outgoing call = #<omitted>

HDR AT State = Access, HDR Session State = Open

HDR Session Info:

    UATI (Hex) = 0084:0AC0:0000:0001:0000:001C:005D:C3F4

    Color Code = 87, RATI = 0xD8D766C1

    Session duration = 576 msecs, Session start = 3843 msecs

    Session end = 4877 msecs, Authentication Status = Authenticated

HDR DRC Value = 11, DRC Cover = 3, RRI = 9.6 kbps

Current Transmitted = 0 bytes, Received = 0 bytes

Total Transmitted = 317270 KB, Received = 910436 KB

Current Call Status = CONNECTING

Current Call Duration = 432337 secs

Total Call Duration = 63491232 seconds

Current Call Type = CnS Async Data

Last Call Disconnect Reason = Client ended call

Last Connection Error = None

HDR DDTM (Data Dedicated Transmission Mode) Preference = On

Mobile IP Error Code (RFC-2002) = 0 (Registration accepted)


Note: Chat string has "TIMEOUT 60 CONNECT"


Question: Has anyone encountered this situation before and how do I troubleshoot it effectively?


Any help is appreciated! 





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