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Do you need to upgrade L3 code on 4006?

We have a 4006 chassis with an L3 blade, supe2 module, and fiber modules and inline-power port blades... running 6-3-3 code - my question is I notice code on the L3 blade and sup modules seems to reflect a lot of versions that seem only barely related to each other...

My question is - after booting with 6-3-3 - do i also need to apply code updates to the L3 blade (or supe module, or any othe blade) or does the 6-3-3 image take care of it all?

Also - we're running CiscoView 6-3-2 - is it a problem to run a CV image that's behind a cat 6-3-3 release?


- Ken Johnson

New Member

Re: Do you need to upgrade L3 code on 4006?

Hi ken,

L3 module runs its own IOS and there is no requirement for you to update the L3 module software when you upgrade the supervisor software but your upgrade to 6.3.3 does not cover the IOS on the l3 module. So you may want to upgrade the L3 module separately to its latest IOS image.

Ciscoview 6.3.2 is only the web interface component and if the web interface you have seem to have problem, then please download the latest as it becomes available and it would have NO effect on the operation of the switch.

best of luck

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