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documenting enterprise

One of the most difficult tasks I've had is to document the technical aspects of our enterprise network, so that there's enough information to allow technicians and engineers to troubleshoot and make design changes. Has anyone found a relatively simple model or approach to sufficiently diagram all levels of a large network, and include enough detail data without needing a diagram the size of a door?


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Re: documenting enterprise

Software such as Visio allows for a multi-tiered approach, which greatly simplifies the organization process. Even better, you can designate certain legs of the network into digestible segments, and allow the experts of said segments to do the groundwork, then assemble the segments into a whole. This gives you the job of making the whole thing homogenous, which depending on the size your enterprise may be a job in itself.

Good luck!

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Re: documenting enterprise

I got the visio pro 2002, and it works pretty well. I like the multi-tiered, which lets me break out more detailed diagrams.. thanks!

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Re: documenting enterprise

Somebody here gives you Visio as a good tool. I know that is good tool but moslty for designing networks and drawing simple drawings and shemes

but there is a nice tool for network documenting = NetViz, it is something like Visio with simpler graphical and vector abilities but got database fields and full tree like scheme, so you can create map of WAN link via whole world, then klick into country, then area -> city -> village -> node -> rac -> device

it is great tool for grapical net mgmt with assets add ons!

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