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Does anyone know anything about Cayman

At our company We use Cisco Routers for production and for our LAN! but I have the following issue with a Cayman router (suks). Connection to ISP is PPPoE. IP address is static but not programmed into the router. It is assigned to the router by the ISP at connection time. ISP has issued additional IP addresses but no assistance in router configuration to "activate" additional IP addresses

Initially, Cayman was setup to use NAT internally to with .254 as the router address.

My objective: Disable NAT, assign additional Public IP addresses so that they are usable on the LAN side of the Cayman & install Watchguard Firewall to handle security & traffic routing.

Sounds simple enough. I have followed Cayman's config instructions to the letter, however I cannot seem to route inbound traffic to the public IPs.

The current state of play… I have managed to get the additional Public IPs assigned to the LAN side of the Cayman, but these addresses are inaccessible from the outside world. I looked around & discovered that NAT was still switched on. When I switched it off, ALL internet traffic stopped. As a workaround, I setup a route in the Cayman to pass all traffic from the External IP, to ONE of the internal IPs…. Essentially setting up a 1-to-1 NAT… which we were trying to get rid of in the first place.

Is there anyone who might have some insight on this Cayman routers?

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