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dot1q-tunnel rejection


I am trying to setup a dot1q-tunnel on a Catalyst 6506 running IOS 12.2 and am running into trouble. I have followed everything in the manual and from other's examples, but I continually get the error:

Command rejected: Gi1/1 doesn't support 802.1q tunneling.

To get there I have done:

Router(config)#vlan dot1q tag native

Router(config)#interface range gig 1/1-48

Router(config-if-range)#spanning-tree bpdufilter enable

Router(config-if-range)#spanning-tree portfast

Router(config-if-range)#switchport mode dot1q-tunnel

and it says command rejected for all 48 ports.

If anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time

Cisco Employee

Re: dot1q-tunnel rejection

Are you trying to do a dot1q trunk or a tunnel? If it's tunneling, certain line cards do not support it

If its trunking, you have the wrong command. The command would be "switchport encapsulation dot1q" and then "switchport mode trunk".

Community Member

Re: dot1q-tunnel rejection

if you can't make tunnel with dot1q, check the capability of the module using follow command..


Swith#show interfaces gigabitEthernet 0/1 capabilities


Model: WS-C3550-24

Type: unknown

Speed: 1000

Duplex: full

Trunk encap. type: 802.1Q,ISL <<<--- capability

Trunk mode: on,off,desirable,nonegotiate

Channel: yes

Broadcast suppression: percentage(0-100)

Flowcontrol: rx-(off,on,desired),tx-(off,on,desired)

Fast Start: yes

QOS scheduling: rx-(1q0t),tx-(4q2t),tx-(1p3q2t)

CoS rewrite: yes

ToS rewrite: yes

UDLD: yes

Inline power: no

SPAN: source/destination

PortSecure: yes

Dot1x: yes

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