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Doubt about QoS!

Hi, Messrs!

I would like your help. How could I divide 100Mbps (ethernet) for 3 VLANs in 2950G-24 EI?

I would like some thing like:

VLAN1 with 33Mbps, VLAN2 with 33Mbps and VLAN3 with 34Mbps.

QoS could help me? Did you have a example of configuration?

And how can I do control of priority of frame in VLAN1 for example?

thanks in advance,



Re: Doubt about QoS!

Unless VLAN1 is exclusively for VoIP traffic, I wouldn't give it any priority, esle your users from other VLAN's will be chassing you day and night because they will likely have problems getting any service at all.

If you want to limit those VLANs to what is maximum allowed rate (but not guaranteed), you can use policer. If you want to reserve bandwidth, I believe you'd have to devide not 100 but 75Mbps between them due to unaccountable overhead of Ethernet frames.

Do you mean 'devide bandwidth on uplink interface' or is it something else you have in mind?

Have a look at this document -

If you need to clarify something, feel free to ask.


Re: Doubt about QoS!

In Additonal to Ilya's feedback, check here for the command format in 2950G, you also need to ensure your IOS ver. can support this feature.

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