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Drive disconnect problems

Aug 29, 2002, 2:44pm PST

We have a combination of old and new networking components currently on our network. Approx 70 workstations are running through 2900 and 2950 Cisco switches and they are connecting up with 9 NT servers and 1 Novell 3.11 Server.

The problem is that while running a 16bit program from a mapped drive it times out and crashes. When I type net use from the command prompt I see that the drive I was using has been set as disconnected. The mapping is pointed to a Win2k Server. The protocols loaded on workstation are IPX/SPX 32, IPX/SPX and TCP/IP. Protocols on the Server are IPX/SPX and TCP/IP.

We've tried everything on the Microsoft side to get this running but it still crashes. Is it possible that the Cisco Switches are causing the disconnect? Can I get some suggestions on how to proceed with trouble shooting this situation?

The application running off the server takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Than you

New Member

Re: Drive disconnect problems

look for port errors on the relevant devices and any errors from server to client. Try to eliminate n/w as a new with putting hte server/client in the same switch. Try to get sniffer trace to see what is going on. typically these problems are due to port speed/duplex mismatch config or app issues.

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