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DSL users get page not found error

I have 2 routers connected to the Internet running BGP. One router is connected via a DS-3 to Sprint and and the other is connected via 2 t-1 lines to UUNET. Since May 2003, I am told, DSL users in Texas that are trying to get into secure web pages get "page not found erros". They get into the initial web pages just fine. They worked before May.

The only change that I made in May was that I changed BGP so that I prepended hops to my UUNET circuits to make the Sprint route more appealing.

I am going to take off the prepend to see if the DSL users can get back in or if the time frame was just coincidental.

Dialup users work fine. Not all DSL users fail. The users that do fail, fail consistantly. I can log in as the user, so it is not account related.

Has any one else seen a problem that affects secure web page access only but allows all the other web pages?


Re: DSL users get page not found error

Hello Phil,

Do you have a firewall for your inside network? or are you using routers as firewall? seems to me that if you have a firewall setup then you'll need to allow port 443 to initiate connections to the secure web pages from the inside of your network.

Thanks -

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Re: DSL users get page not found error

There is a firewall. All other clients work except for DSL users from Texas. I do not believe the firewall is at fault but I have not seen the logs during a actual failure.


Re: DSL users get page not found error

It's probably related to assymetric traffic flow in some way--are both sprint and uunet coming in through the same firewall, or two separate firewalls? Is there any reason that SHTML would fail if routed out through one firewall, and in through another, where all other traffic would be fine with assymetric routing?


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Re: DSL users get page not found error

The same firewall is behind both routers. But I will now look up assymetric routing to see if I could be missing something else.

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