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DSL with ethernet failover

I'm looking for advice and suggestions on how to implement a a DSL connectivity solution that will have automatic failover to ethernet if the DSL link should go down. The reverse would be acceptable as well, i.e., a primary ethernet connection that would automatically failover o DSL if the ethernet connection goes away.

Is there a product or products that will do this?

Cisco Employee

Re: DSL with ethernet failover

If no routing way to achive this..Because ethernet interface will be up/up the moment you plug it in the switch..or even if you lost the connectivity with the next hop on the ethernet. so router will no come to know that the internet connection went down.

On the other hand ATM interface will be up/up once the CPE is trained (layer 1) and also dialer interface will be up/up (spoofing) so at this point i don't think that you can achive backup in ether case without routing protocol..Tejal

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