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%DSX1-1-FIRMWARE_STOPPED: T1/E1 Firmware in slot 3 is not running

I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I have the following problem:

On an AS5350 with ios 12.3.3a with 2 E1s when I try to make an E1 link on the second port I get the error %DSX1-1-FIRMWARE_STOPPED: T1/E1 Firmware in slot 3 is not running . If I issue a show controllers e1 3/1 I see "receiver has remote alarm". Bothe E1s are from the same provider and have the same configuration so, after I got this error I switched the cables (I put the cable entering e1 3/1 into e1 3/0) and the interface got up, and the cable from e1 3/0 wich was ok to e1 3/1 and I got the same error.

In my oppinion this is an undocumented bug.

Does anyone have any workaround for this ?


Re: %DSX1-1-FIRMWARE_STOPPED: T1/E1 Firmware in slot 3 is not ru

Here is the explanation from the Cisco documentation:

%DSX1-1-FIRMWARE_STOPPED (x0): T1/E1 Firmware in slot [dec] is not running

Explanation: A critical error has occurred in the T1/E1 firmware, and it has

stopped running. The access server must be reloaded.

Recommended Action: Reload the access server and try again. If the problem persists,

copy the error message exactly as it appears on the console or in the system log.

Issue the show tech-support command to gather data that may help identify the nature

of the error. If you cannot determine the nature of the error from the error message

text or from the show tech-support command output, contact your Cisco technical

support representative, and provide the representative with the gathered information.

Most likely its a bug and you should open a TAC case for a resolution.


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Re: %DSX1-1-FIRMWARE_STOPPED: T1/E1 Firmware in slot 3 is not ru

I found the explanation after I got the error. Anyway in 4 hours I found 4 bugs in IOS 12.3.3a .. :) I will open tac cases for everyone probably later ... I still have issues to solve with the new IOS.

Thanks anyway ... if you wanna chat -

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