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Dual links not shown in Layer 2 view of Campus manager

This is a problem I am facing with dual links between 2 switches.The 2 switches are connected using 100 Mbps Links and Gigastack links on port Fa0/48 and G0/1 resp.Teh swicthes are 3548XL series and running 12.0(5)WC2.

The problem is if a link is deleted by mistake in Campus manager ,any link out of the 2 Layer 2 view,it the link doesnt show again in Layer 2 view even if discovery has been done .

The Layer 2 views shows only one link and no matter whatever we do,like delte the switches and do discovery again but it shows only one link.

The thing is that if I delete this single link ,it has another link under it which is the 100 Mbps link but I have to delete gig link then I can 100 M link as the links are just on each other.This is not the case with other devices who have dual links and were discovered by ANI during first discovery.

This problem happens only if by mistake we delete one link between tht 2 devices or even both od them.

The only workaround to get both of the links is to delete ANI database and start full discovery.


Re: Dual links not shown in Layer 2 view of Campus manager

See if 'Links Are Missing Or Incorrect': helps.

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Re: Dual links not shown in Layer 2 view of Campus manager

Hi ..

Thanks for the info..

To make it more clear

say no.1 link is 100M between FA0/48 of Switch 1 and Switch 2.

no 2 link is Gigastack link between Switch 1 and switch 2.

All the entries are present in cdp table.

There is no problem first time when the discovery takes place

The problem starts when i delete any one of the links manually and try to rediscover them.

Say If i delete Link no.1 and then I try to rediscover it never shows on layer 2 view becos it is hidden below th Link no.2.Now the explanation why Link no1 is hidden below Link no 2 is as follows.

I delete Link no 2 and oops the link no 1 is there below ,so that is what makes me mad .It is happening with all the devices which have 2 links one Gigastac and one 100Mbps.

I dont understand why Layr2 view is not able to draw the link properly when it is discovered for second time ,it just hides behind another link.

Hope this helps to help me out..

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