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Dumb Clustering standby question

On my cisco 3550's configured

with CMS Clustering, I created

a "standby" cluster switch and

provided a virtual IP address.

I can't seem to find anywhere

any information on

whether or not I should change the

default gateway entries in remote


or directly attached devices

to point to this virtual IP address.

I would think that should be done. But

no where in any document does it say to do so.

Should all default-gateways be modified to

point to the newly created virtual IP address?



Re: Dumb Clustering standby question

I believe that you will need to point all gateways to the virtual IP address. Here is some information taken from this URL

"You need to assign a unique virtual IP address and group number and name to the cluster standby group. This information must be configured on a specific VLAN or routed port on the active command switch. The active command switch receives traffic destined for the virtual IP address. To manage the cluster, you must access the active command switch through the virtual IP address, not through the command-switch IP address.

If the active command switch fails, the standby command switch assumes ownership of the virtual IP address and becomes the active command switch. The passive switches in the cluster standby group compare their assigned priorities to determine the new standby command switch. The passive standby switch with the highest priority then becomes the standby command switch. When the previously active command switch becomes active again, it resumes its role as the active command switch, and the active command switch becomes the standby command switch."

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