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Dynamic bandwidth allocation for 2 different application

We have an application running on UDP with port 6666 and other application is port 80. Both the application should share 1 Mbps of bandwidth. What we need now is if the traffic is present on UDP port 6666 the whole 1 Mbps to be alloted to it and port 80 should get no bandwidth, if the traffic on port 6666 drops then dynamically that bandwidth to be alloted to port 80.

During normal operation the UDP stream needs 1 Mbps bandwith, if there is no stream then the bandwidth is less than 8 Kbps.

Any help on how to achieve this, using 7206 VXR with 12.2 IOS.


Re: Dynamic bandwidth allocation for 2 different application

Using a priority Queue would get your UDP traffic all bandwidth, while in operation, and port 80 nothing during this time. When the UDP traffic stopped or was not using all the bandwidth the port 80 traffic (and other) would be allowed to flow.

The following configuration will allow port UDP 6666 into a high priority queue and putting port 80 in a medium queue (this is not needed if you want port 80 to also be in the default queue with the remaining traffic) and creates a low queue for the remaining traffic.

priority-list 1 protocol ip high udp 6666

priority-list 1 protocol ip medium tcp www

priority-list 1 default low

The priority-group # command applies the priority queue configuration to a specific interface.

interface FastEthernet 0/0

priority-group 1

Hope this helps,


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Re: Dynamic bandwidth allocation for 2 different application

Thanks for the input. Sorry I had not put my requirements clearly.

Our F1/0 port of the router is the gateway, and traffic from various customers pass through this interface. The customer has purchased 1 Mbps bandwidth, therefore I need to restrict his bandwidth to use 1 Mbps for both the applications dynamically. By using priority queuing we would end up applying the policy to all the customers.


Re: Dynamic bandwidth allocation for 2 different application

Yes, with those requirements priority queuing would not work for you unless you could put your customer on it's own interface/sub-interface to apply this.

Custom queuing might work for you since you can assign a byte-count per queue that might get you what you need. Here is a link for setting up custom queueing. It is a bit more involved than simple priority queues.

If possible I would recommend putting your customer on it's own ingress interface which would make applying QOS to the traffic much easier.

Hope this helps,


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