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Dynamic EIGRP Routing

Location A has two routers communicating to each other with EIGRP on the LAN. One Router connects to Frame Relay and the Other Router connects to an ISP Circuit. Both Routers communicate with Hub and provide resilience in the event of a failure with one carrier. We carry our critical traffic on Frame (ERP,Citrix,etc.) and non-critical traffic (HTTP,Notes,Etc) on a VPN connection back to the Hub Site. At the hub site all Servers default G/W points to a Cisco core router then the traffic routes to a Frame Router or a VPN router depending upon the application.

The problem I am having is with EIGRP, all traffic from our Hub Site wants to communicate with Location A wants to go out of the VPN because the metric is lower than the Frame Route. If I use delay parameters I believe then all traffic will then use the Frame route, thus preventing me from my objective. Can I use ACL's to accomplish this task or is there an easier way?



Re: Dynamic EIGRP Routing

Is the traffic seperable by destination? In other words, is all the erp, citirx, and other mission critical traffic destined to one set of hosts/servers, and the remainder of the traffic destined to another set of hosts/servers? If so, you can create very specific routes for those hosts/servers along the "right" link, setting their metrics up so the right link is preferred.

The other option is to use policy based routing, and sort the traffic based on destination address, protocol or traffic type, and then setting the right outbound interface. If the primary is down, the traffic should fail to policy route, falling back on the normal routing table. For more information on policy based routing, see:


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