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E1 controller reset and ISDN call re-establishment

I have an PRI on a 3640 (12.2 T) that has undesirable behaviour when the Carrier's E1 fails, which it does frequently as it is a over a long radio

trunk link.

When the E1 fails - the controller goes down, serial interface go down and all dialers unbind. After the E1 recovers (say 500ms) the router attempts

to dial out again and gets called rejected as the requested channels are still in use in carrier ISDN network.

(Due to default behaviour of exclusively requesting the same channels counting from top down).

I can get the router to connect over an idle channel with b-chan negotiate command but this doesn't help because the site being called doesn't see the E1 failure and therefor still has the origional calls up and adding a new channel means MLPPP bundles are different at each end.

The carrier states that it is correct behaviour for the calls to remain active for such short duration breaks.

How do I get the router to ignore short duration controller resets, is this the function of carrier-delay and if it default of 2 seconds it doesn't

appear to be working.




Re: E1 controller reset and ISDN call re-establishment

I think you cannot ignore short duration resets. May be you can try manipulating the keep alives value to be zero. so that the link will be always up

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