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E1s connectities,help

I have a headquarters and 4 branches, we need a router on the headquarters, we apply 4E1s from CO, and give 1E1 to each branche,

so the router should has 4E1 in along together, and 4E1 out separatly,

so who can suggest this kind of router for my headquarters.or related

DSU/CSU devices. if the router can do all job, that could be more convenient.

thank you in advance

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Re: E1s connectities,help

Product selection depends on gathering all of your requirements not just the numbers of ports. This is a starting point. Consider how many LAN's Ethernet or FastEthernet? Do you need ISDN/Backup? Will your business grow, and by how much, when? Do you need backup hardware, will 4hr/next day smartnet or 3rd party support be enough if the hardware fails or do you need to design backup links. Obtain these details. Then look at the product spec sheets and prices, and budget. Select something that meets your needs. Also consider traffic flow, environment, power, resilience, size, space, product lifespan, would you be better off buying two routers with two E1's and ISDN?. How about growing into VoIP, using QoS, or ATM services? When you've looked at all the requirements and options you will be able to Select the best one, or at least reduce the shortlist down to a few. Then you'll be guided by cost or by the benefits that one product has other the others, or both.

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Re: E1s connectities,help

In the headquarters:

we need :the hub router supports 4E1 in

ON isdn backup,

FOR the lan : we need two fastethernet port

for the brache office:

the hub router supplys E1 to every brache,total 4 E1s.

qos, no voip no atm

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