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EBGP Multihop

We are going to do a EBGP connections on a NAP with some ISP. Because we have a high-end router on our site we would like to use it for BGP peering. We will install a Cisco 3600 on the lan in the NAP and connect it to the high-end router with a leased line.

In these case the EBGP is a multihop, but how can I manage the routing in the 2600? The hisgh-end router will know the routes from the peering and pass the ip packet to the 2600... but the 2600 how it can made the right routing decision? The only way I think is with static route... but is a very hard work, some ISP have a lot of prefix. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you.

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Re: EBGP Multihop

For any network that is not connected on the non-BGP router, use IP policy on the non-BGP router to set the IP next-hop to be the address of the EBGP peer. Make sure that the EBGP routers know, in somehow, how to get to the next hop (i.e. run an IGP or create a single static route on each EBGP router).

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Re: EBGP Multihop

You cann't make the EBGP neighbours at multihops. The EBGP neibours must be directly connected.

The IBGP neighbours can be connected at multihops but must be in same AS


vinod Gupta

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Re: EBGP Multihop

I think the question to start here is why yoy want to put the 3600 into the NAP and not your high-end router? Any specific reason?

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