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Editing ACLs


1. How can I correctly edit my access-lists?

2. Which command can be provided on a switch 2970 to see the temperature, and which command will show the critical temperature?

Thanks to all!


Re: Editing ACLs


If you have configured the ACLs with numbering then u can remove or insert between the numbers without any issues.

If you havent done them with numbering then would suggest to copy the ACL in a notepad and arrange/modify the list accordingly as per the requirement.

before removing the old one & applying the modified list do a confirmation check whether its been applied on any of the interface using access-group command.

If yes remove the same from the interface using no access-group and then remove the access list from the global config.

Even a single no access-list 101 will remove the whole ACL numbered 101.

Then you can apply the modified one on the global config and reapply the same under t he interface config.

inline with ur second query i dont think its possible to check out the critical temp using show command but u can make use of the snmp traps send for temp which can be captured in the external server and can be monitored.

do refer this link for how to configure the snmp traps for temperature..


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Re: Editing ACLs

Thanks for explaining editing acls it helped me.


Re: Editing ACLs

to modify your access-list (delete or add a line to the specific place at your ACL) use ip access-list standard/extended command.

for instance to delete :

router(config)#ip access-list extended 110

router(config-ext-nacl)#no permit ip host host

for instance to add between sequence 70 and 80:

Router# show access-list 150

Extended IP access list 150

10 permit ip host host

20 permit icmp any any

30 permit tcp any host

40 permit ip host any

50 Dynamic test permit ip any any

60 permit ip host host

70 permit ip host any log

80 permit tcp host host

90 permit ip host any

100 permit ip any any

router(config)#ip access-list extended 110

router(config-ext-nacl)#75 permit ip host host

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