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Eigrp and Frame Relay

I am setting up full-mesh frame relay network ( 3 locations) with 1 -2650xm and two 1760v routers.

Question about the subnets on the routers. I have configured subinterfaces (point-to-point) on ea router. I plan to use eigrp.

Do each of the subinterface connections need to be in there own subnet when using eigrp? ie: sudinterface1: router a to router b,

sub interface 2 : router a to router c,

subinterface (remote routers) router b to router c,

Or should all serial interfaces be in the same subnet ?

Should I consider rip instead of eigrp ? for such a small network ?

Bandwidth 512k (at ea of the three locations)

Thank You in Advance



Re: Eigrp and Frame Relay


Since you configured subinterfaces which are p-p, you have to put each p-p link in one subnet (will need 3 in total for the wan). You can use a mask of /30 for each of the subnets, which would have 2 hosts each. THis would save some ip addresses for you.

Another way is to configure each router with a single Multipoint subinterface (instead of 2 p-p interface at each router). THis multipoint subinterface would have 2 pvc terminating .

int s0.100 multipoint

frame-relay interface-dlci 100

frame-relay interface-dlci 101

Now once this multipoint subinterface has been configured, you can put them all in same subnet. which would cons ume 3 ip addresses from a single subnet. You can use a /29 mask for the subnet which has 6 hosts, of which 3 is in use.

YOu can configure EIGRP in this network, without running into issues with Split horizon, since you have a full mesh network.

You can even run RIP in this case.

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