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EIGRP Flip-flop


I have 2 core routers(6509 MSFC) keep flip-flopping between the active and standby router(HSRP). My MRTG is showing that the EIGRP hold time expired and all the Vlan interfaces swap to the standby router and after a few minutes the active router kicks in to be active. This happens quite frequently since this morning. Please advice.



Re: EIGRP Flip-flop

Both the EIGRP and HSRP hold times are expiring. Make sure that each MSFC is set to the same timer values in both HSRP and in EIGRP. I would also check for problems in the trunk between the two switches. See if either switch reports the trunk going down in the logs. Also, see if the trunk is being over-utilized, thus keeping keep-alives from getting across.



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Re: EIGRP Flip-flop


I am assuming that nothing in the configuration of the MSFCs has changed; since you are saying that the problem started this morning, you might be suffering a Denial of Service attack. Symptoms would indeed be routing peer loss due to hello packet drops and

HSRP peer loss due to hello packet drops. Check out this document:

Configuring Denial of Service Protection/CISCO CATALYST 6500 SERIES SWITCHES



Re: EIGRP Flip-flop

Normally HSRP doesn't rely on EIGRP because HSRP interfaces belonging to an HSRP group reside in one subnet. But if you observe EIGRP hold time expirations that may be a sign for a layer-2 connectivity issue between to router's interfaces. Can you send sample interface configs from MSFC interfaces? and what you've got in logging buffers?

New Member

Re: EIGRP Flip-flop

I didn't see any log on Level 2 on the switch besides some deny for wrong telnet password.

However, the log on the core is showing like..

EIGRP 110:Neighbor (Vlan #) is down: holding time expired

EIGRP 110:Neighbor (Vlan #) is up: new adjacency


Re: EIGRP Flip-flop

You are definitely having a connectivity issue, rather than and eigrp issue--eigrp and hsrp are completely unrelated, other than sending hello's and other information over the same link. There are several things to check here--start with the last interface state change, how long has it been since it last flapped? Does it happen to coincide with the last eigrp neighbor adjcency failure? What are input queue drops, and output queue drops? Are you dropping a lot of packets on either side, on the input or the output?

The problem is a layer 2 problem, someplace, now it's just a matter of finding it.



Re: EIGRP Flip-flop

If two 6500s are directly connected you can check health of this line using sh interface command (you'd better "clear counters" before this and wait for problem to occur a few times to prevent wrong info). I think at last you'll find a faulty cable/connector or port.

New Member

Re: EIGRP Flip-flop

It's kind of hard to say without knowing the topology, but I agree it looks like a layer 2 issue. Since it sounds like mulitple VLANs are affected, I'm thinking it would most likely be a core trunk connection where the issue is occuring (depending on the topology and how the vlans/trunking are configured). I would check any trunk connections between the core switches for errors and also check for spanning tree topology changes when the problem occurs (sh spantree stat ).

New Member

Re: EIGRP Flip-flop

The input queue drops is about 9000, and output drops is 0. After I check the trunking info on all the switches, I found a switch which doesn not include the VLAN 100 on the allowed trunk, while other swicthes are included with this VLAN 100 on the trunk.

I clear the counter on the core and see what will happen after setting that vlan to the trunk.

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