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EIGRP hold timer expires

I have a situation where there are 3 remote locations connecting to a Host site via frame. 2600 at the remotes and 3640 at the headend. Basic eigrp configuration. Things have been running fine until today. We now have EIGRP hold time Expired errors and loss of adjacencies on an ongoing bases. The circuits are 512 at the remotes and T1 at the head end. With no traffic on the circuits we have this problem. Adjacencies drop and are re-established with in a couple of seconds. Some times it will hold for 8 minutes but usually it drops within 1 min. or so.

The other odd thing is that there are 15 other remote locations on the same 3640 at the head end but off a different physical T1 (but still running in same EIGRP process 1as the problem routers) that do not have this problem. Any ideas. We are running some of the latest code 12.2.13(t) for telephony purposes.


Re: EIGRP hold timer expires

Try to follow this troubleshooting steps:


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Re: EIGRP hold timer expires

I just went through the same problem with 2 frame relay circuits. What we did was to add the following command to the serial interface for the FR Circuit:

frame-relay broadcast-queue 1000 256000 600. Where 1000 is the size of your boadcast que, 256000 is appx 1/4 of your bandwicth and 600 is the max number of broadcast packets per second. The defaults for the first and last values are 64 and 36 which with very many sub interfaces get exhausted rapidly.

Hope this helps

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