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EIGRP issue on 4006L3 and 2621 Rtr

I added a new network off a 4006L3 switch by creating one of the fastethernet ports as a routed port (using no switchport command on the int).

I have created an intermediate network between this FaEth and fa0/1 on the 2621 rtr.

EIGRP has been configured on both and redist static and redist connected have been added.

I see no EIGRP updates on the 2621. It never picks up any routes, but on debuggging it looks like it is sending Hello requests but getting no response from the 4006. No ACLs in place yet.

Could the fact that 4006 has a routed port be the reason why EIGRP updates are not happening. I am using static routes in the meantime which work fine. The Rtr is 12.3(18).

Any thoughts!



Re: EIGRP issue on 4006L3 and 2621 Rtr


can you provide a little more details on the 4006L3 config? Is the routed port in the same subnet as the 2621 interface? Is a network statement in EIGRP covering the 4006 interface IP?

Regards, Martin

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Re: EIGRP issue on 4006L3 and 2621 Rtr


The routed port on the 4006 is fa4/46, IP address of and is directly connected port to 2621 on fa0/1 with IP of Second int on 2621 is fa0/0 with IP of The default VLAN 1 ip add of 4006 is

EIGRP 1111 on both. Networks allowed are, and on both.

I could never ping from because EIGRP did not appear to be working. I finally added a static route "ip route" on 2621 and then I could ping everything and traffic started to flow fine.

On 4006, I had to add static routes as well to go to

Does this information help?



Re: EIGRP issue on 4006L3 and 2621 Rtr

I think posting relevant portions of your EIGRP configuration on both devices will help. Additionally is the EIGRP neighborship coming up? Can you post an output of the show ip eigrp neighbor command? Are you advertising what you need to advertise on the 4006 into EIGRP so that the 2621 learns it?

Re: EIGRP issue on 4006L3 and 2621 Rtr


You had indicated the 2621 is sending hellos but not receiving hellos. Can you verfiy the fa4/46 (router port) is participating in EIGRP. Issue the command 'show ip eigrp int' on the 4006 to confirm this. If the interface isn't particpating in EIGRP then reconfigure the network statement to cover the IP of 4/46. If you are using code later than 12.2 (I believe) you can even use the command 'network' under the EIGRP process.

Also, make sure there's no command like 'passive-interface default' under the router eigrp process. If it is then you need to do a no passive for that interface.

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Re: EIGRP issue on 4006L3 and 2621 Rtr


Doing a "show ip eigrp int fa4/46" does not show any eigrp information. The default router eigrp process already has a (thereby addressing the network) so I did not add any new network. The Code on 4006 is 12.1(8a).

There's no passive-int def command either. I guess testing of eigrp is tricky as the connections have to remain up most of the time. Right now the traffic flow is happening because of static commands on both the 4006 and 2621 routers.If I take those out, and eigrp continues to NOT work, then I'll break my traffic.



Re: EIGRP issue on 4006L3 and 2621 Rtr

Hello, I would suggest to use

router eigrp 1111



no auto-summary

Then the interface should show up in the EIGRP process. What is the output from "show ip protocol"?

Can you post this from the two neighboring routers?

Regards, Martin

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