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EIGRP load balancing, traffic shaping frame relay serial and PNT to PNT

Can I do a load balancing on a cisco 3640 router ? It has two CSU/DSU. One runs a frame relay with traffic shapping enabled, and one runs a point to point leased line. The frame relay runs also a VOIP. which is not on the leased line.

Any help in this is highly appreciated.



Re: EIGRP load balancing, traffic shaping frame relay serial and

I guess you are looking for unequal cost load balancing. For this under eigrp, you can use variance command, to include multiple different cost routes, in routing table.

Assume that for network X, Framerelay link is chosen by router as its cost is 40 while leased line has cost 70 and hence route via leased line to network X is feasible successor.

To include the route via leased line into routing table,

variance = 70/40 = 1.xx rounding to nearest decimal, variance = 2.

router eigrp xxxx

variance 2

This will help in including both the routes in the routing table.

To load balance according to the cost ratio between two links, use an additional command,

"traffic-share balanced" under router eigrp mode.

Hope that helps.

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