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EIGRP Problem

I have over 150 sites using the same (basic) configuration in 1600 series routers. They all connect back to a 3640 via point-to-point frame relay. All routers have EIGRP enabled with the same AS and advertising the ethernet network ( All subintfaces are unnumbered using E0 for an IP address. One site is giving me headaches! If I define static routes on both ends, I can ping/telnet to each other. But neither side shows up in the EIGRP table. No EIGRP traffic is received on the 1600 side. Hello's are being sent but none received. All interfaces are UP/UP. On the 3640 end, the other 150+ sites are not having a problem. I have replaced the 1600 as well as the cable. I also had the carrier (ATT) check the circuit. No errors on both sides.

Any and all suggestions are very much welcomed!

Thank you in advance,



Re: EIGRP Problem

Re: EIGRP Problem

Before adding static routes, was the neighbor relationship properly formed, with hellos properly exchanged..?? What is the reason for adding static routes, if you are already running EIGRP between the sites ?


Re: EIGRP Problem


- Do a "show ip protocols" command in your 3640 and verify that the sub-interface that connects to your problem site is not a passive-interface.

- Verify that the EIGRP process number in your problem site router is the same as for the rest of your network.

- Enter the commands "show ip eigrp neighbors" and "show ip eigrp interfaces" in the 3640 to see if it is receiving hellos from the problem site.

- "Debug eigrp packet hellos" and look at the hellos exchanged between the two sites, if any.

Just a few suggestions. Good luck.


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