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EIGRP: "bandwidth" and "default metric" commands

Two questions concerning the configuration of EIGRP:


1. When specifying the bandwidth under an interface, my understanding is that the purpose of this command is for the use of the EIGRP metric calculation and has NO bearing on how fast the data is clocked out of the interface?


2. When redistributing static routes into EIGRP, a default metric statement should be used and that the default statement should be consistent throughout your EIGRP autonomous system. For example, use a default-metrics 10000 1000 255 1 1500 throughout your router whenever you are redistributing static within that router. Is this correct?


Re: EIGRP: "bandwidth" and "default metric" commands

1.The "bandwidth" statement as you said, is used for metric calculation only and thus not affect the interface access-rate or CIR. However eigrp react more to delay than bandwidth. If you need to twaek your path deterministics for any reason,

try using the "delay" command.

For example, two unequal bandwidth line (real line speed) can be made equal to eigrp process by making sure the delay addition from the router throughout the path to the destination prefix is equal.

2. Yes, you need a default metric under the eigrp process for redistirbution

of any kind, be it, static, rip , bgp , connected etc. It does not necessarily need to be the

same default-metric through out your network, though it makes

more sence to maintain a consistent practice.

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