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eigrp routes

Hi all, can anyone tell me how eifrp will act if I have say 2 100 meg links to my HQ, but one of them has 2 hops ? does it add up the delays of the links and use the least ?



Re: eigrp routes

Hi Carl,

Yes you are right if one has 2 hops in the way it will add the delay which is there on each hop and then the resultant metric of both the paths will be compared and the one having the least metric value will be preferred.

Now if you check the formul to calculate the eigrp metric is

(10000000/min bandwidth + total delay)*256

Total delay means you have to add the delay on the interface which is there on each hop. To put the delay in this formula you have to divide the actual delay value on each interface by 10 and then add all.

So definetely the path in which it has 2 paths will have more delay value once you add the total value and the resultant metric value will be high compared to other path so the least metric path will be considered.

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Re: eigrp routes

hello ankur,,,

is it possible to achive unequal load balanceing using varience in such kind of condition...



Re: eigrp routes

Hi Devang,

Yes that is 100% possible with a condition that the other route having higher metric should be a feasible successor and exist in eigrp topology table.

To be considered as a feasible successor the reported distance of this route must be less than the feasible distance.

HTH, if yes please rate the post.


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