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EIGRP showing multiple paths to default route

I have seen an EIGRP behavior that I can not explain. We have multiple paths from point a to point b in anetwork. EIGRP is configured with a variance of 1 and up to 4 multiple paths. When I do a show route, for every EIGRP route there is only path (the fastest link) for each route except for a default route that had been redistributed into EIGRP, it has 4 paths. Looking at the Topology table shows that EIGRP is assigning the same metric to each path for the default route even though it is asigning different metrics to the other routes based on the bandwidth commands. Why is the default route being tretred differently? Is this an IOS bug?


Re: EIGRP showing multiple paths to default route

The only time a route redistributed into EIGRP will pick up the interface metrics is if the route points to a locally connected interface, pretty much. So, if you're doing this:

ip route x.x.x.x

Then the default is going to pick up some default metrics, not the interface through which x.x.x.x is reached, or the cost to x.x.x.x. Is this what you are seeing? Could you post the statics that you are redistributing, your EIGRP config, and a show ip eigrp topo, if not?



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