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Enable CEF/BGP - load sharing question

Ok here is the situation. We have two different isps and a 3725 router. I would like to do load sharing/load balancing. From what I have been reading I can do that with CEF and BGP or am I not reading this correctly? From what I understand BGP is that the host looks to the bgp route to see the closest path. I was talking to someone and they told me that with bgp enabled, the router could only receive packets from one isp at a time. Is that true? Can't I receive both packets and the router will process the packet? A suggestion from my co-worker was to have two separate routers and have each isp go to their own router and then have them router to an internal router. Seeing that I am need to the game, this really doesn't seem like a logical solution but I am new so I don't know. If any can give me guidance on cef/bgp that will do load balancing/load sharing or another suggestion to enable this, I would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Enable CEF/BGP - load sharing question

There are lots of threads about this in these forums as well as the newsgroup -- I'd suggest searching both places.

The router can receive packets from multiple links/ISPs simultaneously with BGP enabled. A given host on the Internet will direct traffic to you through either ISP-A or ISP-B depending on which path is "best" from a BGP standpoint. You can manipulate your BGP metrics to acheive various levels of load balancing, though BGP wasn't designed with load balancing in mind so don't plan on getting a 50/50 split between links.

This is a complex and very situation-dependant topic, so again, I'd recommend searching for past discussions on the issue.

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Re: Enable CEF/BGP - load sharing question

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