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Encapsulation Failed

Hello I have a cisco 2600 series with an integrated serial t1 connection. I am able to send all packets to and from my network, however am unable to recieve http packets. If I capture packets off the network I show a SYN to the destination and then a ACK from the destination and then another http GET. the source continues to send http GET requests but is never answered by the destination machine.

when I run SHOW IP TRAFFIC i come up with DROP: 1132 encapsulation failed.

I am using Frame-Relay with IETF and lmi-type ansi.


Re: Encapsulation Failed

Did you check the debugs to find out the exact problem? Try " debug frame-relay {lmi | events}". If the lmi type is different on both the ends of the T1, it may be an issue.Hence make sure the lmi type and the encapsulation type is same on both the ends. May be the other end of the T1 line is a cisco router itself. Try changing the encapsulation to "cisco" and then see the changes.

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Re: Encapsulation Failed

Check MTUs on both ends. Check the MTUs on the workstations. Maybe your workstation expirience difficylties in MTU discovery packets if they are different. This is causing problems on high-volume traffic.

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